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Spice Things Up with a Bedroom Redesign | You’ll Be Thanking Yourself!


Bedroom remodels don’t have to cost an arm. Sometimes just a bit of carpet or paint is enough. In some cases, you don’t even need to paint. If you’re just tired of the look, you can simply rearrange the furniture, replace the bedspreads, bring in new window hangings and install some artwork. Combined, these would give you a different look for hundreds rather than thousands of dollars.

DreamVest would be more than happy to assist. Thanks to our many years of experience, we will help you find what suits your desires best and even recommend where to find your additions.

Or, you can go big!

If you decide that small changes aren’t going to cut it, we can also help with a complete remodel.

Complete bedroom remodels take more effort and might cost you more, but they are worth it. A new-look bedroom will not only leave you feeling better about the home but can significantly increase the property’s worth.

Once you inform us about your intention to have a complete remodel, we’ll begin by assessing how prepared you are. Why exactly are you remodeling? What don’t you like about the existing bedroom? What exactly would you like to change? Will structural changes be necessary? These are just some of the questions you need answered before you begin talking about the budget.

You can relax knowing that you’ll be involved in every step of decision making. If we feel that you need to change the door or move the walls a few inches, you’ll have the last say.

A few ideas

There are, however, a few elements that we usually recommend that can instantly light up your bedroom without necessarily burning a hole in your pocket. These include changing your color schemes, using mirrors and candles to enhance the atmosphere, and bringing in some beautiful topical plants.

Lighting is another one. Installing enough soft lighting that blends with the chosen color schemes can have a striking impact on the bedroom. Then, you can round off by adding a comfortable chair and standing lamp to turn the bedroom into your personal retreat – a place where you can take a break from the world and unwind.

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