Kitchen Remodel Process

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Interior Design Process for Kitchen Remodel

Upgrading your kitchen can be limited to replacing appliances and cabinets or completely renovating the room, even expanding the space. Most people start with one of these plans in mind depending on budget restraints, available space and other factors. Here are several steps to help you decide the right choice for you:

Identify Your Needs

You probably need new appliances if you are considering a kitchen upgrade. New counter tops can really add to the appearance of the kitchen, but maybe the cabinets just need new doors instead of being ripped out completely. Flooring also adds greatly to the appeal of a room. There are many ways to change a room's appearance without tearing down walls and making major changes in the construction.

The process of deciding on your actual needs takes some people over a year, so allow plenty of time. Don't rush the decision and then be unhappy with the final result. The answer may be a total renovation, but you won't want to start a major project and then change your mind after beginning demolition. 

Bring in a Professional

Now that you have decided on the scope of the project, you need to discuss it with an expert, who can give you an idea if your budget truly is realistic for the job. There may be factors that you haven't considered that will increase the cost or maybe a way to do everything in a less costly fashion. Think of any questions before your meeting to ensure there are no surprises later.

A licensed professional should be able to handle all aspects of the kitchen remodel, so you will not need to coordinate different contractors. If you are thinking of doing any part of the project yourself, let your contractor know before beginning any work. There are even computer programs now that let you design and make changes virtually allowing you to see the final result.

Choosing fixtures and Appliances 

Here are several of the items you will need to include for the new kitchen in addition to the appliances:

  1. The type of flooring
  2. Countertops
  3. Faucet style
  4. Sink
  5. Lighting

If you are working with a specific style in mind, match the fixtures to get the effect you are trying to achieve for the room. Even changing the doorknobs can add to the general appearance. This should be a personal choice which reflects your own personality.

Please contact DreamVest Construction to discuss a kitchen remodel in the Alpharetta, Georgia area. We are family owned and operated, licensed and insured. A new kitchen remodel will improve your life and increase the value of your home.